I’ve been to Israel a couple of times, each time enjoying the country in different ways. In the last 75 years of Israel’s history, it has managed to build itself literally from the ground up – from a desert into a modern country. This achievement is quite commendable and hard to imagine, especially when some countries with much longer histories and larger resources haven’t managed as well.

On the other hand, over the last 75 years, its neighbors have prioritized violence, murder, and terror. Can you imagine living your entire life thinking only of killing your neighbor? They say “freedom fighters,” but the last election in Gaza was 18 years ago – is that freedom? 75 years of the same – hatred, violence, terror. Kids are taught to hate, teens to kill, and adults to support a system that leads nowhere. Yet, judging by the news, some people around the world think it’s a good idea.

I guess people on the streets want to see what they want to see, so let me tell you what I saw. The last time in Jerusalem, I was carelessly walking through the old market. There were a bunch of shops where Arabs were hustling. I was standing outside one shop, looking down the street. My eyes met the eyes of a kid who was standing outside yet another shop. He looked at me directly and made a throat-cutting gesture with his finger.