I don’t like using term “fan”, however I do read Martin Fowler’s posts and tend to agree with him a lot. His recent post brought feeling of familiarity and a bit of pain. I would like to share it with anyone who is doing software development.

PDF version

I hope you will find it useful.

A while back, I worked on N26 coding exercise and found the problem quite entertaining. Figured to share it:

N26 coding exercise

Correct, with minor test comments (should not use Thread.sleep(…)) and not entirely efficient but clean and 100% test driven solution can be found here and backup: here.

I think this exercise worth while, do it just for fun and giggles :)

Recently I came across this awesome video – dark humor, reverse psychology and sarcasm – grab a beer and have a laugh.

I recently finished watching quite interesting and thought provoking video about software development and history. I hope you will find it interesting as well.

Last week, at last, my little work related side project came to successful end. Together with an awesome in-house graphics designer, we finalized series of inspirational posters. I would like to share it and hope those posters will bring smiles and joy to any software development environment. You can print it and hang it all over your work space.


Links to full size files:

3 Laws of TDD: PDF | TIF

Uncle Bob – Test Driven Development: PDF | TIF

Agile Manifesto: PDF | TIF


Recently I came across nice explanation and illustration of most common design patterns. If you would like to learn or familiarize yourself with design patterns then start from here.


На этих выходных я выключил свой личный Jabber сервер! Он служил многие годы верой и правдой, но пришло время сказать “пока” и вырвать штекер.

Я не помню историю протокола и зачем все это было нужно, но в один прекрасный момент большие компании (например: Apple, Google) решили им пользоваться. И даже voip компании дышали не ровно в сторону XMPP. Но, видимо, ему не суждено было остаться.

Apple сделал iMessages, Google сделал hangout, пришёл Twitter и люди двинули к другим “зелёным” полям. Забавно, я помню когда ICQ стал не актуальным… “…и вот новый поворот…” и Jabber свернул туда же.

В душе я знаю, что скорее всего Jabber не вымрет – где-то в пыльном, темном углу заброшенного дома, в белой оцарапанной металической коробке, с визжащим вентилятором и хрустящим жестким диском, на старой не пропатченной операционной системе, будет стоять Jabber сервер и по ночам будет общаться с darknet-ом.

Today I decided to re-configure DNS on my DD-WRT powered TP-Link router. While doing so I came across useful ad-blocking script for DD-WRT and decided to share it: DD-WRT Ad-Blocking


Some time ago I’ve done small presentation: “Introduction to Object Oriented Patterns” and totally forgot about it. Today I found it and decided to publish it, just in case someone finds it useful!!!


If you have any question or suggestions, please let me know.


Introduction To Object Oriented Patterns [PowerPoint]

Introduction To Object Oriented Patterns [PDF]

Пару дней назад нашел отличный слайдшоу на тему тестирования микро-сервисов. Прочитав я воодушевился и советую всем кому интересно прочитать.


Успехов и хорошего тестирования.

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