It’s fun to be back in a large city, but it feels less thrilling somehow, perhaps because of the ‘been there, done that’ feeling, or maybe because I’m older now and have a child, which limits the fun options.

I haven’t been to Chicago in 13 years, yet it remains largely the same, at least downtown does. It makes me think about how human construction transcends time—13 years is a lot for me but nothing for the city. We managed to go see the Field Museum and it was exactly the same as it was 13 years ago; moreover, the food carts outside the museum have stayed in the same locations. It’s strange to look at a structure and wonder how a human being 200 years from now will view it. Yet, that is exactly what is, or will be, happening. It’s a very strange feeling indeed.

A few takeaways from the trip: my 7-year-old gets tired and bored too quickly, so wandering around all day is out of the question, and forget about spending any meaningful amount of time in any museum. The aquarium is horribly overpriced; the Toledo Zoo offers a better aquatic experience. The Gilmore Car Museum is very nice—I would love to visit it again and spend more time there. The Art Institute of Chicago seems a lot bigger than Detroit’s. Tryzub – really nice Ukrainian restaurant.