Last year I read a book “Toyota 14 principles” by Jeffrey K. Liker and learned a few powerful ways in order to get stuff done. Right after I finished the book, I implemented FPB (Family Production Board – which is a Kanban board) using masking tape, permanent marker and sticky notes. The board was a success, as we seem to accomplish more stuff than ever before.

Today I decided to upgrade the board to something a little bit more substantial – an old white board, left over from my previous upgrade. The purpose and means remain the same, however the board now looks a lot better.


After readying and breaking your head for a while, you finally demystified a piece of code and staring at it you wonder: “why does it have to be so complex”? – Has this ever happened to you?

Oh uncle Bob, where would we be without you & clean code?

Also check out thought provoking talk about developers and responsibility

From time to time I like to take a break from brain wrenching talks and watch something relaxing, fun and educational. Enjoy.

Really good talk by Sam Newman.

Yeah, Java 8 is done for it, but not everywhere, some are still programming in it. In any case, I enjoy Venkat’s talks (even attended one many years ago) he never skips the beat.

Great talk about team leaders & dev. teams. If you liked the talk and need more insight, you can read Roy’s book: “Notes to software team leader”. I enjoyed the book greatly.

If you haven’t migrated to jUnit 5, this talk will provide most important overview. Yes, it is dated, but I still found it to be valuable.

I don’t remember when or how I came across this talk, but I’m sure glad I did. I believe, the talk is a good starting point if your team is struggling in a decision making area.

Recently found, quite interesting and entertaining talk. I hope it will shed some perspective on the development process.

Old but quite an interesting talk

I’m a firm believer in continuous learning, especially when we are talking about IT field. Several years ago I attempted to bring lunch & learn mindset to my employer. After several implementational failures, the idea took root, with severely limited financial support. Being stuck with limited resources, I turned to YouTube. It is amazing, how many presentations, lectures and conferences are available. Unfortunately quantity doesn’t equal quality and it takes time to sort through a large amount of talks. I figured it might be worthwhile to publish the most interesting materials (subjectively speaking) on the site under “lunch & learn” category.

Hopefully it will be handy.