After readying and breaking your head for a while, you finally demystified a piece of code and staring at it you wonder: “why does it have to be so complex”? – Has this ever happened to you?

Oh uncle Bob, where would we be without you & clean code?

Also check out thought provoking talk about developers and responsibility

From time to time I like to take a break from brain wrenching talks and watch something relaxing, fun and educational. Enjoy.

Really good talk by Sam Newman.

Yeah, Java 8 is done for it, but not everywhere, some are still programming in it. In any case, I enjoy Venkat’s talks (even attended one many years ago) he never skips the beat.

Great talk about team leaders & dev. teams. If you liked the talk and need more insight, you can read Roy’s book: “Notes to software team leader”. I enjoyed the book greatly.

If you haven’t migrated to jUnit 5, this talk will provide most important overview. Yes, it is dated, but I still found it to be valuable.

I don’t remember when or how I came across this talk, but I’m sure glad I did. I believe, the talk is a good starting point if your team is struggling in a decision making area.

Recently found, quite interesting and entertaining talk. I hope it will shed some perspective on the development process.

Old but quite an interesting talk

I’m a firm believer in continuous learning, especially when we are talking about IT field. Several years ago I attempted to bring lunch & learn mindset to my employer. After several implementational failures, the idea took root, with severely limited financial support. Being stuck with limited resources, I turned to YouTube. It is amazing, how many presentations, lectures and conferences are available. Unfortunately quantity doesn’t equal quality and it takes time to sort through a large amount of talks. I figured it might be worthwhile to publish the most interesting materials (subjectively speaking) on the site under “lunch & learn” category.

Hopefully it will be handy.


Recently I came across this awesome video – dark humor, reverse psychology and sarcasm – grab a beer and have a laugh.

Recently I came a cross “TDD, where did it all go wrong” presentation. In my humble opinion it is worth watching if you have any interest in Test Driven Development. Enjoy!

I recently finished watching quite interesting and thought provoking video about software development and history. I hope you will find it interesting as well.

Recently I came across an interesting philosophy and would like to share it:

A lot of times we (as developers) work on delivering features, however behind every feature is underlying problem to be solved. Why not take time and think it out?

Anyways enjoy the video, I hope it will prove to be useful.

Book reference: How to solve it