Recently I came across of inspiring commemorative speech and decided it to share it. Enjoy!

Today I decided to re-configure DNS on my DD-WRT powered TP-Link router. While doing so I came across useful ad-blocking script for DD-WRT and decided to share it: DD-WRT Ad-Blocking


Just finished reading “simple sabotage field manual” by CIA. It was used during Second World War and to be honest very entertaining to read. I attached a copy of PDF, read and enjoy.

P.S: Matthew Green said: “Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”

Few days ago I decided to check out Kia Rio. While doing over pics, I noticed something but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. After detailed analysis I finally figured out what was off. Kia either decided to add extra pedal to automatic tranny setup or photoshopping got slightly out of hand:

Recently I came across an interesting philosophy and would like to share it:

A lot of times we (as developers) work on delivering features, however behind every feature is underlying problem to be solved. Why not take time and think it out?

Anyways enjoy the video, I hope it will prove to be useful.

Book reference: How to solve it

Some time ago I’ve done small presentation: “Introduction to Object Oriented Patterns” and totally forgot about it. Today I found it and decided to publish it, just in case someone finds it useful!!!


If you have any question or suggestions, please let me know.


Introduction To Object Oriented Patterns [PowerPoint]

Introduction To Object Oriented Patterns [PDF]

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