Enom – the epic screw up

My 2 sites have been offline for more than 40 hours! What happened? “Planned maintenance” by enom. I wonder if enom as a company understands what DNS is and how fundamental it is. Perhaps they are going after a title: “the most incompetent company of 2022”.

In any case I’ll be moving away from enom this week. I don’t want to have any more “planned maintenance” events or any other incompetence. It is not the first time I grind gears with enom, however before it was just minor issues (relative to this event) such as email forwarding stopped working, or inability to provide dynamic DNS answers (even thou their service claims and supports it – eventually I figured it out). I believe I was very patient customer with very few complaints.

But after such a major screwup, I think it will be irresponsible on my part to stay with enom. It is time to move on!

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