Ugly Pit

A few months back I started a small project, the aim of which was to remove extra siding bricks out of the garage. I didn’t know what to do with all those extra bricks and figured that a small fire pit would be a good idea – two birds with one brick.

I also have almost no experience with landscaping, however after few YouTube videos and Pinterest pictures I realized two things:
– Fire pit must be functional
– I don’t want to spend any more resources on it

So I took measurements and figured a little platform around the fire would be a good idea – easier to cut the grass around it. Additionally, the fire pit must have two fire areas, one for cooking on hot charcoal and another for general fire.

Despite the functional reasoning, I decided to cut on quality by not digging too deep. Less than half a foot was enough to level the ground and lay out the bricks. The entire endeavour took a few days and the fire pit was done.

The resulting landscape view quickly attracted feedback from my wife and friends. After careful consideration I decided to name my little creation “ugly pit” and present it as a postmodern take on a rustic outdoor cooking contraption.


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